EE Wetlook-1
Mainly jeans

ca 101 minutes


1. Sarina & Jessica

Marlies made this video during the photo session of Sarina and Jessica in a lake. Because she had to film it from some distance, the movie is a bit shakey. You see the two girls playing together, from dry to completely wet.
Duration: 06:22 min



2. Julia

This is a short but complete scene: Julia goes into the lake and comes out again several times, and rolls herself in the sand.
Duration: 04:05 min.


3. Henriette & Feline

A complete scene, nice tight denim, from dry to wet. 
Unfortunately, it has been filmed by Marlies, from some distance, during the photo session.
Duration: 06:13 min.



4. Rachèl & Melissa

A short but complete scene. In some parts however, you can see that it in fact is the reporting of a photo session. You can see this, because occasionally the girls obviously don't look at the video camera, but at the photo camera (which remains out of view). 
Halfway the scene, the denim jackets come off.
Duration: 04:07 min.


5. Kim, Femke & Mirna

From here through scene nr. 14, all scenes have been filmed as video sessions: so they weren't reportings of photo sessions like scenes 1 to 4. They are just video scenes like the ones on the EE tapes.

The three girls play together in an indoor pool, and stretch themselves on a matress. 
Nice tight jeans: the denim jackets come off during the scene.
Duration: 12:18 min.


6. Nathasja & Chantal

Nathasja and Chantal have fun in an outdoor pool. They sit down together on a floating device trying to keep themselves dry as long as possible, until they fall off. They then try to stand on the mattress, and then jump in and climb out of the water many times.
Duration: 06:31 min.


7. Kim & Marijke

Kim and Marijke push and pull each other into the water and roll themselves in the sand. Some nice wet sweaters.
Duration: 04:27 min.


8. Dominique, Patricia & Daisy

Three girls taking a dip in a shallow lake. Daisy takes her denim jacket off during the scene.
Duration: 05:27 min.


9. Petra

This scene has been filmed on a very cold day! The scenes starts with Petra smearing wet sand over herself.
Then she goes into the lake, getting completely wet. She walks around in the water, diving under head first and standing up again several times.
Duration: 05:00 min.


10. Sanne & Lidia

Sanne and Lidia push each other into the water. They take the jackets off during the scene, and put them back on at the end.
Duration: 04:24 min.


11. Kim & Maria

Kim and Maria take a dip in the North Sea in their jeans, sweaters and boots. They get wet very slowly, playing with the waves. At the end, you see them rolling themselves around in the sand.
Duration: 07:42 min.


12. Femke, Ellen & Melanie

This scene has been filmed on a cold, rainy day. 
The three girls together walk around in a small circle, making their own rainshower with a hose directed upwards. This way they slowly get wetter and wetter. Then, they all go into the small backyard swimming pool and have some (cold) fun together. In the final part of the movie, you see them without the denim jackets.
Duration: 07:56 min.


13. Lidewij & Anouk

Lidewij & Anouk sit down on a floating device getting wet slowly, until they fall off.
You see them jumping into and climbing out of the outdoor pool many times.
Duration: 6:38 min.


14. Genevière & Zeona

Genevière and Zeona go into an indoor pool slowly, getting their jeans and stuffed raincoats wet.
After that, you see them jumping into the water and climbing out several times. They both take their coats off during the scene. 
Duration: 04:32 min.


15. Short clip Queenbi & Lizzy

Scenes 15-26 are short video fragments. Nevertheless, some of them are very short complete mini-scenes from dry to wet. 

You see Queenbi and Lizzy introducing themselves and sitting in the sand still dry, and after that, a fragment where they are playing in the water, completely wet.
Duration: 02:15 min.


16. Short clip Daisy

Daisy has already been in the water, when this short fragment begins.
She introduces herself. After that, she jumps into the pool once more and climbs out again, and the camera pans down along her wet clothing. 
Duration: 00:41 min.


17. Short clip Marjon & Janneke

Marjon and Janneke, still dry, introduce themselves.
Than, you see some short fragments of them standing in a shower, already completely wet.
Duration: 01:03 min.


18. Very short clip Joke

Joke walks into the water, but in this short teaser unfortunately she doesn't go deeper as to her knees.
The moments after this, only have been photographed.
Duration: 00:38 min.


19. Short clip Sylvia

In this very short scene, you see Sylvia taking a shower in black jeans and a raincoat.
You see her from dry to completely wet.
Duration: 01:01 min.


20. Short clip Danielle & Tessa

When this clip begins, you see Danielle and Tessa are sitting together on a floating mattress, already partially wet. They eventually fall off. You see them climbing out of the water briefly.
Duration: 01:04 min.



21. Short clip Stefanie & Joke

Stefanie gets pushed into a shallow pond by Joke, and after that Joke gets pushed in. Finally, they jump in together. Unfortunately, in this short fragment, they only get wet up to their knees. 
What happened afterwards, only has been photographed.
Duration: 01:11 min.


22. Very short clip Monique & Priscilla

A very short video fragment! Monique and Priscilla tear and push each other into a lake. You only see them getting wet up to their knees.
Duration: 14 seconds.


23. Mini-scene Harima & Sandra

At the beginning of this mini-scene, Harima and Sandra are standing in the water ankle-deep. You see them playing together, getting completely wet. 
Duration: 01:22 min.


24. Mini-scene Kim & Rhona

A short mini-scene of Kim and Rhona, from dry to completely wet. During the scene, they take their denim jackets off.
Duration: 02:14 min.


25. Short clip Elisa & Lotje

You see Elisa and Lotje walking into the water and playing together briefly. After that they are without sweaters, and finally walk out of the lake again.
Duration: 01:38 min.


26. Mini-scene Tasja & Ronja

A very short but complete scene, showing Tasja and Ronja from dry to completely wet in their jeans and sweaters in the North Sea. The water is not very warm!
Duration: 01:18 min.